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TOP: Curly Maple with Aluminum Matte Finish Butt plate. (Left Hand Stock)

MIDDLE: Exhibition Royal Hybrid Black Walnut w/Ebony Butt (Right Hand Stock)

BOTTOM: Mulberry w/Aluminum Butt Plate, Ruger 10/22 receiverwith KIDD Rear Tang takedown added.

Stocks are inlet for 10/22 barreled actions with Rear Tang takedown and bedded front pillars. Maple stock has a full 3" forearm.

*Other woods, laminates and action inlets available. Just ask us! We will work with you to get YOU what YOU WANT!.



About Us

As a proven provider of custom gun stocks and custom inletting, we take pride in offering the best service possible. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. I have been involved with carving and duplicating of rifle and pistol stocks, as well as providing custom inletting services, for several years now. Mostly in the Rimfire world. A number of my creations have been nominated for and won "Ultimate of the Month" awards on one of the most popular Rimfire forums on the internet. I take great pride in all my work. And it shows in the finished product. Whether it be just inletting or bedding a stock for someone or a full on custom stock. My mind set is, it is right, otherwise it is wrong. Nothing in between that is just "good enough".