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The stock you see is carved from a Spalted Oak with a history. The tree it came from was one of the original trees planted at the Ulysses S Grant House at Vancouver Barracks in Washington. The action is a Savage Striker Rimfire. The stock is to be finished by the owner. The tree was over 200 yrs old! To say I was a bit nervous, while shaping this treasure, would be a HUGE understatement. It is a beautiful blank with many colors that don't show well in this pic Greys, pinks, black spalt lines, just beautiful. A family heirloom in the making. 

Why not let me shape your next heirloom? 


We are as close as your internet and/or phone. Call us today! 520-780-0283 All this work is being done in Tucson, AZ. Shipments have gone to Europe and as far as Australia. You can catch me on Rimfire Central under the handle of Azguy. Hope to see you there.